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The Absolutely Safe Capsule (Japanese: ぜったいあんぜんカプセル Absolutely Safe Capsule) appears in Mother 3, as an invention whose creation was assisted by Dr. Andonuts and the Mr. Saturns.

In Mother 3

In Chapter 8

It is used by Porky. After being sealed, however, it cannot be opened again nor destroyed, leaving Porky trapped in it for eternity, as he is immortal; Porky taunts Lucas while in the capsule by sticking his tongue out, but otherwise the capsule has no attacks. Dr. Andonuts explains that not only is it absolutely safe for Porky inside, but for anything outside of it that Porky may damage. If examined, Dr. Andonuts will ask the player if they would like to roll it around. The player bumps into the Absolutely Safe Capsule in the ending.


  • Though all attacks do no damage to it, getting a combo will state that a total of (combo number) damage was done.
  • At the end of game, Porky, trapped in the Absolutely Safe Capsule, it says "wobbles with glee." It is possible that Porky doesn't know his future, but he might and, as Dr. Andonuts put it, "He might have gotten what he wants."
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