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Mt. Itoi

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Mt. Itoi
ホーリー•ローリー•マウンテン Holy Loly Mountain

Mt Itoi.png
Mt. Itoi as it appears in Mother.

Connected areas

Mt. Itoi (also written as Mount Itoi or HOLY LOLY MOUNTAIN in the Japanese Version) is one of the final areas in Mother. It is notorious for being an extremely difficult area, and when Shigesato Itoi was asked of this, he said that the game was so close to completion he rushed everything and didn't have time to test the difficulty.[1] The seventh and eighth melodies are both located here. The Japanese Manuel states that it is considered a sacred place, and that few people ever travel up it.


The mountain consists of a large cave at its base, with a plateau at the end of the cave which contains a small rest house. Higher up on the mountain is a large lake with a central whirlpool. Eve is found in the central lake, in a lab located underneath the whirlpool. Lloyd is required to fix a boat on the eastern dock in order to navigate the lake. Higher up on the mountain, Eve dies at the hands of R7038XX, bearing the seventh melody. In the English prototype and Mother 1+2 versions of the game, the XX Stone at the mountain's peak bears the 8th melody, while in the original Japanese version, Queen Mary instead remembers the final melody on her own. Nearing the peak, Ninten's party is required to climb an increasing number of vines, as the mountain transitions from a mostly-flat section to a rocky outcropping.



  Enemy name Notes
Buffalo.gif Buffalo None
EnergyRobot.gif EnergyRobot None
OmegaSaucer.gif OmegaSaucer None
Seagull.gif Seagull None
StarmanM1.gif Starman May drop a PSI Stone
UltraBarbot.gif UltraBarbot May drop a Plasma Beam


  Enemy name Notes
BlueStarman.gif BlueStarman None
Cerebrum.gif Cerebrum None


  Enemy name Notes
Cerebrum.gif Cerebrum None
Gargoyle.gif Gargoyle None
GrizzlyBear.gif GrizzlyBear None
Megaborg.gif Megaborg None
Rockoyle.gif Rockoyle None
SuperEnergy.gif SuperEnergy None
Titanian.gif Titanian None
R7038.gif R7038 Boss - can't be defeated


  Enemy name Notes
OhMook.gif Oh-Mook None


  Enemy name Notes
GigaBorg.gif Giga Borg May drop a Laser Beam
Juana.gif Juana May drop a PSI Stone
LastStarman.gif LastStarman May drop a PSI Stone
OmegaBorg.gif Omega Borg None
StarMiner.gif Star Miner May drop a Super Bomb
SuperEnergy.gif SuperEnergy None
R7038XX.gif R7038XX Boss - will result in the party losing Eve

Final Boss

  Enemy name Notes
Giegue.png Giegue Can only be defeated by singing the Eight Melodies that have been collected throughout the course of the game...


Mt Itoi Commercial.png
Mt. Itoi, as it appeared in the commercial for Mother.


  1. "What I get most is, “I’m at Mt. Itoi now, help!” That place is just crazy. When we got to fine-tuning there, I was like, “Whatever!”" --Shigesato Itoi (footage)

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