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Brute Force

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The Brute Force skill menu in battle.

Brute Force is a set of battle skills unique to Flint in Mother 3. They all are related to the Flint's sheer physical force. Several are comparable to PSI skills that Flint, a non-PSI user, cannot learn.

  • Swing: This attack deals moderate to high damage to all enemies. However, it is less accurate than Flint's standard attack and lacks the ability to combo. It works best against multiple enemies.
  • Power Smash: The strongest attack that Flint obtains. This special skill may miss very often, but it will deal a powerful attack to one opponent if it hits successfully. Its power rivals that of the Super Bomb, and possibly PK Love γ. This ability is generally advisable against bosses due to their large amounts of HP.
  • Strengthen Up: This special ability makes Flint gather all of his strength to boost his offensive stats at a low to moderate rate. This allows Flint to make short work of tough enemies. It is somewhat like Offense Up α, except it cannot be stacked.
  • Toughen Up: Like Strengthen Up, it makes Flint stiffen his body to boost his defensive stats at a low to moderate rate. It increases the chance of survival against foes with a terribly high offense. It is somewhat like Defense Up α, except it cannot be stacked.