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Dark Dragon

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Dark Dragon
Dark Dragon.png
The Dark Dragon as depicted in the Forest Prayer Sanctuary
Appears in Mother 3
First chapter Chapter 1

The Dark Dragon is an almighty being that sleeps under the Nowhere Islands in Mother 3.

In Mother 3

It is an important key to the plot, being a dragon that obeys the commands of the one who pulls the needles that are keeping it sleeping. However, the only people with the ability to pull the Needles are those who have learned PK Love, an ability exclusive to Lucas and the Masked Man.

Although the Dragon is not fully seen, it is said to be as big as the main island, and sleeping under it. After the final needle is pulled, a huge black creature is seen rising from the ground. The Magypsies placed the Seven Needles into parts of the dragon to cause it to fall into a deep sleep, so each needle is spread all across the islands, each being closely guarded.

As part of the story, it is said that it was the Dragon that protected the island from the fate of the earth, and it lived in harmony with the Magypsies.

Memo description

"It is said that once the Dark Dragon awakens, the world will perish... Is it really wise to continue pulling the Needles like this?"