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User:Sun Braid

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I'm just your average editor. My knowledge about wikis is very limited, so I do usually just try to adapt as good as I can (to clarify, I suck at formatting and templating and whatnot). You'll mainly see me editing the M1/EB0 pages, as I sort of expect them to be somewhat neglected due to that installment commonly being overlooked.

When it comes to the Mother series, I've completed all three main games through emulators and own some neat and useful merch. All three of them have managed to at least get into my top 20, and well, I just overall adore them. That I'll ever experience a Mother game via a console in English is highly unlikely as EarthBound never made it to Europe (and the entire procedure of making it work with a converter seems to rarely work, the VC doesn't seem to be too likely either, which kinda really sucks). Whoa, never mind then.

Due to English not being my native language, I'm sorry in advance for any linguistical errors that might pop up – or just weirdly worded sentences in general (which I'm pretty sure have occurred more than it should already).