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(attempt to add a battle song thing to the template)
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| colspan="9" style="background: #fff; {{roundytop|2px}} {{roundybottom|20px}}" | {{{description}}}
| colspan="9" style="background: #fff; {{roundytop|2px}} {{roundybottom|20px}}" | {{{description}}}
! colspan="9" style="background: #{{lightcolor|EB0}}; {{roundytop|20px}}" class="expandable" | '''Battle song{{#if:{{{song2|}}}|s|}} {{#if:{{{background|}}}|and background}}'''
| colspan="9" style="background: #fff; {{roundybottom|20px}}" | {{#if:{{{background|}}}|[[File:{{{background}}}|center]]<br />}}[[File:{{{song}}}.ogg]]"{{bsong|Mother|{{{song}}}|{{{songalt|{{{song}}}}}}}}"{{#if:{{{song2|}}}|<br />[[File:{{{song2}}}.ogg]]"{{bsong|Mother|{{{song2}}}|{{{songalt|{{{song2}}}}}}}}"|}}
<noinclude>{{doc}}[[Category:Infobox templates]]</noinclude>
<noinclude>{{doc}}[[Category:Infobox templates]]</noinclude>

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{{{jpkana}}} {{{jptrans}}}
Experience/money yields




[[File:{{{song}}}.ogg]]"[[List of Mother enemies by battle song#{{{song}}}|{{{song}}}]]"
{{Enemy infobox/M1

This is an enemy infobox for Mother. Because EarthBound and Mother 3 have different stats and other factors, this template cannot be used for enemies exclusive to those two games.

The parameters in order and in detail:

  • enname = The enemy's name in Earthbound Zero
  • jpkana = Japanese kana in Mother - don't worry if you can't get this, just leave the field blank if you can't
  • jptrans = Japanese translation of the name (not the transliteration! the translation) - if you can't get the translation, just leave this field blank
  • image = Preferably the in-battle sprite- although for a couple random enemies there is official art, however, that can easily go as a thumbnail in the article itself. Best to keep things consistent with the in-battle sprites.
  • size = If the image needs to be resized, then put a size here (ex: 50px). However, since sprites aren't something that needs resizing often, you can just put a caption or something here instead. It'll just appear when someone hovers over the image.
  • HP = Max amount of HP
  • PP = Max amount of PP
  • offense = Their offense stat
  • defense = Their defense stat
  • fight = Their fight stat
  • force = Their force stat
  • speed = Their speed stat
  • strength = Their strength stat
  • wisdom = Their wisdom stat
  • exp = The amount of exp. the enemy will give after defeated.
  • money = The amount of money ($) the enemy will give after defeated.
  • itemdrop = If the enemy can drop a present after battle, put yes here. Otherwise, omit the field entirely.
  • item = If 'itemdrop' is set to 'yes', then specify the item dropped here.
  • location = Locations in which the enemy appears in. Remember to put in link brackets ([[ ]]) for this! If they appear in more than one location, separate the locations with breaks (<br/>).
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