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A proposal on a project to overhaul items has opened, please vote on it and our proposal reguarding enemies that share the same Japanese name but different English name.


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Proposal to do a major overhaul of items

For the longest time the way this wiki handles items is to do a "List of X items in (game)", where all the items in the category are on one page in a list. I assume because most items don't need large pages is why we did this, else they'd end up looking barron like EarthBound Wikia's. I personally don't think this was the best approach, because what it does from a readers' perspective is instead make it more convoluted if you're trying to look up a specific item, as you're instead forced to read through a large list of items just to find what the one you're looking for, and with huge lists like List of recovery items in EarthBound it makes it exceptionally annoying and difficult for people with slow computers (Why look through a list of 20+ recovery items just to find "Brain food lunch" instead of just being able to find it one click away?).

It also raises concerns for mobile users due to the horizontal scrolling required when viewing the tables. I have asked people outside the wiki just for curiosity, and they believe that having individual pages would be the better approach.

So I am officially proposing to split all items into individual pages. There will be case-by-case exceptions, however:

  • Certain items are part of a "set" like baseball bats, similarly named items with similar effects will be covered on the same page, for example "Double burger" will be covered on a general "Hamburger" article, as it's simply a better version of the plain hamburger so no reason to cover it seperately.
  • Some items have different names but identical effects, such as "Vial of serum" and "Antidote". Because both items cure poison they will be covered collectively on the same article.
  • On cases where items have different effects but similar names, they will be covered seperately, for example "Magic herb" is an HP restoring item while "Refreshing herb" and "Secret herb" are status curing items. As they are different types of items it will be misleading to cover them on a general "Herb" page.

This is something I've been wanting to propose for a long time but haven't gotten around to due to my flucuating schedule. Since I'm going to be activly on here for at least the next couple months I'll be able to do some of the major work on this project. I am hoping to get some opinions on this matter so please share you're opinion if able to.

EDIT: I have also made an example page on what an individual item article will look like here, it is rather short but by comparison to recurring items throughout the series this can serve as an example of the minimum content in a page if this were to pass. And to clarify the lists qre staying, instead their purpose will be to serve as a disambiguation page. --OmegɑToɑd64 Toadsig.png 03:58, 12 November 2022 (UTC)

Bump, would like to see some movement on this. --OmegɑToɑd64 Toadsig.png 12:37, 18 November 2022 (UTC)