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Merging enemies that have the same name in Japan

Since the wiki's earliest enemy pages were made, all enemies that have a different name in English were given separate pages, even if they're the same enemy in Japan. This, in my opinion, was a poor decision as it lead to unnecessarily having a separate pages over a miniscule difference in name, and often times the name difference are the result of Mother 3's shorter character limit (see Ramblin' Mushroom and Ramblin' Evil Mushroom). This was briefly brought up on Talk: Ramblin' Mushroom but never went anywhere due to the unfortunate low activity on this wiki. Therefore my proposal is the following:

All enemies that use a different English name but the same Japanese name will be merged onto one page

And as for the name to be used, we will prioritize the official English name over the Mother 3 fan translation names, eg Struttin' Evil Mushroom will be used in favor of Naughty Mushroom, though on a case by case basis we could make an exception for say "Titany" as the name "Titanees" appears to be a mistranslation. --OmegɑToɑd64 Toadsig.png 00:55, 7 November 2022 (UTC)

Bump, though this seems like a no brainer so unless there is a major opposition to this I'll make it go through. --OmegɑToɑd64 Toadsig.png 13:06, 4 December 2022 (UTC)