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Not to be confused with George Montague, a character in EarthBound.
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ジョージ George
XX grave
George's grave at the peak of Mt. Itoi.
Gender Male
Appears in Mother
Relatives Maria (wife)
Ninten (great-grandson)
Mimmie (great-granddaughter)
Minnie (great-granddaughter)

George was Ninten's great-grandfather. In 1906, he and his wife Maria mysteriously disappeared for two years. When he returned, nobody knew where he had been, but he began obsessively studying PSI. In a diary, he wrote many things, and left clues that Ninten eventually must use to stop Giegue. He died prior to the events of Mother. He and Maria raised Giegue, however, George stole important information from his home planet, which, if used, could be used to betray him. George also built Eve to protect Ninten when the time would come. When Ninten finally gets to the peak of Mt. Itoi, after examining a gravestone with the XX mark, George's spirit teaches him the final melody, and tells Ninten to sing them all to Queen Mary. For clarity, the player cannot name a character George.

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