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User:Tina/Page outlines/Characters

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This article is one of my page outlines. It is used as a base of sorts for editors to create pages with. I am aware of any visible link brackets, they were placed there on purpose.

Opening statement is a (important? minor?) character in [[Game]]. Any other appearances go here as well, such as if they appear in Super Smash Bros.. Maybe a very brief statement on their role? :?

In [[Game]]




Their past, and their role in the game.

Special abilities

If they're a playable character, do they have any special abilities, outside of PSI?

PSI level up list

If they can learn PSI, place their level up list here. Actually I think this has been done already for everyone who gets PSI, so I'm just putting this here for reference.

Event moves

Anything learned via a special event (ex: Lucas and PK Love, Ness and Teleport) goes here. Again this has been done for everyone who needs it, so don't worry much about it.

Game appearances


If they have multiple sprites (as in different appearances, like ghost/alt outfits, etc), put a gallery here.


If they have any official art, put a gallery here.

Don't forget to put in navigation templates at the bottom, too!