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サンクスギビン Thanksgiving

Merrysville as it appears in EarthBound Beginnings.

Connected areas
Magicant Underground
Sweet's Little Factory
Twinkle Elementary School
Duncan's Factory
Union Station
Pilgrim's Rocky Mountain

Merrysville is a town in EarthBound Beginnings, featuring an elementary school and a train station, and is also the hometown of Lloyd. Merrysville has a population of 57 individuals, an average temperature of 18°C, and its main industries are industrial manufacture and commerce.[1]


When first visiting Merrysville, several inhabitants are concerned about the rocks lying on the railroad track, making the train unable to pass.[2][3][4] Others inform Ninten about there being a factory to the north of the town, which have started to produce rockets,[5][6] one individual even suggesting that they might help him to get rid of the rocks on the tracks.[7] Some people comment on how hostile beings roam the outskirts of the town.[8][9] The Japanese Manuel states that there is a strong police presence, and they are particularly harsh on skipping class. The town doctor, named Big Ben Casey, has a notoriously poor reputation. This is possibly a crack at the Medical Drama TV show featuring a doctor with the same name.

A man located between the department store and hotel asks Ninten to answer his questionnaire, which consists of two questions. One is about whether or not he thinks the train tickets are too expensive, and one is about whether or not he has used the Bullhorn yet; whatever Ninten replies, the man will thank him for his cooperation and give him the Telephone Card in return.

Pilgrim's Rocky Mountain

Pilgrim's Rocky Mountain

Pilgrim's Rocky Mountain (ピルグリムの岩山)[10] is a cliff located northeast of Merrysville, and directly southeast of the Union Station. It can be accessed by walking south when reaching the broken bridge east of the Union Station. The cliff is covered in a few trees and several patches of grass, and does otherwise not serve any real purpose in-game.


Merrysville is the fourth biggest settlement in the game, featuring an area of 8,719 square meters,[1] and is surpassed by Reindeer, Podunk and Ellay. The town consists of twenty multi-storied buildings, five of which can be accessed; being the town's burger shop, department store, hospital, hotel, and elementary school. It appears to be a relatively industrialized town, being near both Sweet's Little Factory and Duncan's Factory. It is also in a very mountainous region, being surrounded from all sides by a large cliff. Various symmetrically placed flowers and bush-like plants can be seen throughout the town. A railroad track leading from the Union Station to Reindeer, Spookane and Snowman can also be seen in the eastern portion of the town, being surrounded by several bushes, forming an allée.

To the west of Merrysville lies Podunk. Other nearby locations include Sweet's Little Factory, lying to the south, and Duncan's Factory and Union Station, lying to the north.


Ninten first arrives at Merrysville after exiting Magicant via the Magicant Underground, where he is transported to a cave in the southern outskirts of the town. After entering the town, he goes to the town's elementary school, where he meets a boy hiding in a trash can on the school's roof, who introduces himself as Lloyd, also mentioning his liking for the Bottle Rockets that are produced at Sweet's Little Factory. After Ninten manages to find one in the factory and gives it to Lloyd, Lloyd takes him to the school's lab room, where he, after a failed experiment involving his newly obtained rocket, joins Ninten on his journey.

The party discovers that the path leading to the town's train station is blocked by a set of rocks. They head toward Duncan's Factory, where they find a Pass on the way, which supposedly grants access to the factory. The dog guarding the factory's entrance notcies that the pass is expired, and battles them instead of letting them in. After defeating the dog, the party enters the factory, and after having managed to navigate through the maze-like building, they do, thanks to Lloyd, activate a rocket, which they send towards the rocks. After successfully clearing the path to the train station, the two of them exit the factory, and continue with their journey via the newly accessible train station.


Department store

2nd Floor

Item Price Effect
Antidote.jpg Antidote $20 Recovers from poison.
Asthma spray.jpg Asthma Spray $148 Recovers from an asthma attack.
Lifeup cream.jpg Life Up Cream $194 Completely recovers HP.
Insecticide.jpg Insecticide $300 Defeats all insect enemies; single use.

3rd Floor

Sports Goods
Saleswoman M1.png
Item Price Effect
Wooden bat.jpg Wooden Bat $500 Weapon for Ninten.
Aluminum bat.jpg Aluminum Bat $1000 Weapon for Ninten.
Boomerang.jpg Boomerang $1100 Weapon for everyone.

4th Floor

Clerk M1.png
Item Price Effect
Orange juice.jpg Orange Juice $5 Restores 10 HP.
Bread.jpg Bread $30 Restores 20 HP; Can be made into Bread Crumbs.
Sports drink.jpg Sports Drink $75 Restores 100 HP.

5th Floor

English version and Mother 1+2
Variety Goods
Saleswoman M1.png
Item Price Effect
Ruler EBB.jpg Ruler $22 Measures the length of things (no effect).
Stun gun EBB.jpg Stun Gun $300 Weapon for Lloyd.
Rope.jpg Rope $600 Binds a single enemy.
Repel ring.jpg Repel Ring $160 Temporarily prevents weaker enemy encounters.

Original Famicom version
Variety Goods
Saleswoman M1.png
Item Price Effect
Ruler EBB.jpg Ruler $22 Measures the length of things (no effect).
Phone card.jpg Telephone Card $50 Allows 50 free uses of the payphones, normally costing a single dollar.
Stun gun EBB.jpg Stun Gun $300 Weapon for Lloyd.
Rope.jpg Rope $600 Binds a single enemy.

Burger shop

Burger Shop
Item Price Effect
Orange juice.jpg Orange Juice $5 Restores 10 HP.
French fries.jpg French Fries $15 Restores 20 HP.
Hamburger EBB.jpg Hamburger $25 Restores 50 HP.


The hotel in Merrysville is $65 per person.

Big Ben Casey Hospital[11]

Unlike the other hospitals in EarthBound Beginnings, treatment of status ailments by the doctor in Merrysville is always half of the amount of money Ninten is carrying. Revival of unconscious party members is consistently $190, however.


Item Location
Phone card.jpg Telephone Card Obtained from a man located in between the town's department store and hotel after answering his questionnaire, consisting of two questions.


North of town

Sprite Enemy name Notes
BagLady.gif Bag Lady May drop a Hamburger
Eagle.gif Eagle None
Fugitive.gif Fugitive None
LilSaucer.gif Lil Saucer None
M1 Mad Car sprite.png Mad Car None
M1 Mad Truck sprite.png Mad Truck None
M1 Maniac Truck sprite.png ManiacTruck None
M1 Psycho Car sprite.png Psycho Car None
M1 Psycho Truck sprite.png PsychoTruck None
Rope.gif Rope May drop a Rope

South of town

Sprite Enemy name Notes
Barbot.gif Barbot None
Bear.gif Bear None
Cougar.gif Cougar None
Eagle.gif Eagle None
LilSaucer.gif Lil Saucer None
Skunk.gif Skunk None
Wolf.gif Wolf None


Map of Merrysville from Encyclopedia Mother.
Image of Merrysville from Encyclopedia Mother.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese Thanksgiving Named after the holiday Thanksgiving Day
English Merrysville Possibly a pun on the real-life town of Marysville


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