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Template:PSI infobox

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{{{jpkana}}} {{{jptrans}}}
Ranks {{{ranks}}}
Target {{{target}}}
PSI category {{{category}}}
Appears in {{{games}}}
Learned by {{{learned}}}
{{PSI infobox

The parameters, in order and in detail:

  • enname = Move's English name. Go with the one used more often, in the case of PSI Freeze/PK Freeze and the like.
  • altnameyn = If the move has different names in different games, but the same effect, use the most recent one for the page title and enname, and enter 'yes' in this field. Otherwise, omit it completely.
  • altname = If altnameyn is set to 'yes', put the alternate names here, seperating them with a comma if there's multiples.
  • jpkana = Japanese kana goes here
  • jptrans = Japanese translation for the move, like everything else, it's the translation and not the transliteration. PK Freeze, not PK Furiizu.
  • ranks = Wasn't... sure what to call this, honestly. Is there an official name for the alpha/beta/etc ranks for PSI moves? Anyway. If the move has different 'ranks', label them like so:
    • α (Alpha)<br>β (Beta)<br>γ (Gamma)<br>Ω (Omega)
    • Just keep in mind that sometimes moves don't have a beta/gamma, or a gamma/omega... actually, I'm pretty sure that there's a Lifeup/Healing π in EB0, too.
  • target = Move's target. Does it target the enemy, or a friend? Or is it field-only? If all variations of the move hit all enemies or affect all friends, then note that. But if only one rank or a variation in one game affects all enemies/friends, then just note that in their respective section on the article itself. (Note to self: Confusing. Bleh.)
  • category = PSI category on EB/M3. It'll be of either Attack, Recovery, Assist.. or in Teleport/EB0-only move's cases, Other.
  • games = Games they appear in. Remember to put in link brackets, and separate different games with a comma.
  • SSB = If the move makes an appearance in Smash Bros, then put 'yes' here. Otherwise, just omit it completely.
  • SSBappear = If SSB is set to 'yes', then list the respective SSB games here. Remember to put in link brackets and separate different games with a comma.
  • learned = Characters that learn the move. Just their names and links to their article, seperate with a comma. Leave the levels for the respective rank/game sections on the article, though.