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Template:Character learnlist

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{{Character learnlist}}
{{Character learnlist/cell|1|2|3}}
{{Character learnlist/cell|1|2|3}}

To start the learnlist table, first put {{Character learnlist}} as a header. Then, for each row of information, use {{Character learnlist/cell}}. To make another row, just follow it with |- and keep adding more /cells. End the table with |}.

Template:Character learnlist/cell's parameters are as follows:

  • 1 - Replace "1" with the level they learn this particular PSI move at, or if they have it from the start, put "Start". If they learn it through other means, make a new section (example) and put "Event" as the level.
  • 2 - Replace "2" with the name of the PSI move
  • 3 - Replace "3" with the PSI rank (alpha/beta/gamma/omega/sigma/pi). Do not type the special character, just the word. If there is no PSI rank, leave it blank.
Level Move name