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Template:Character infobox

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{{{jpkana}}} {{{jptrans}}}
Appears in {{{games}}}
{{Character infobox

The parameters, in order and in detail:

  • color = Color of the infobox.
  • enname = English name as it is in Earthbound Beginnings (for Mother 1) and Earthbound (for Mother 2). I'm not sure about using the fan translations here, though... I think that only applies to Fassad/Yokuba though?
  • jpkana = Japanese hiragana/katakana goes here. It'll usually be the latter. If you can't type Japanese text or don't know what it is, just fill in with "?"
  • jptrans = Translation of the kana, not the transliteration. So it'd be Lucas instead of Ryuka, or Dr. Andonuts instead of Andonattsu hakase, for example.
  • image = Image name with the filetype included. Like 'File.png'. If none is available, input 'none'.
  • size = Image size. Like 150px
  • caption = Image caption. Like "Clay model from EarthBound", or "Art from Super Smash Bros. Brawl"
  • gender = Character gender. Fairly obvious. Male, female, or... maybe alien too in Giygas's case.
  • age = If the character's age is confirmed and not just an estimate, put the age here. Otherwise, just omit the field entirely.
  • games = Games the character has appeared in. Remember to put in the brackets, and if there's multiple games (excluding SSB), seperate them with a comma.
  • SSBappear = SSB games the character has appeared in. Remember to put in brackets, and if there's multiple games, just seperate with a comma.
  • chapter = If chapteryn is set to yes, this is for the first chapter that they appear (as in, an actual appearance, not just a mention) in. Just put the number, nothing else fancy.
  • town = Place of residence. I avoided the term 'hometown' just in case the character wasn't confirmed that their current place of residence was their hometown, so.
  • relatives = Remember to put in brackets, and if there's multiple known relatives, seperate them with a comma.
  • occupation = A character's job or important duty
  • travelparty = If party is set to yes, list the characters they travel with here. Remember to put in brackets and seperate people with commas!
  • weapon = If party is set to yes, what is their usual class of weapons? This is excluding things that everyone can equip.
  • PSIcapable = This is a simple yes/no question for if they can use PSI powers or not. This should be pretty obvious.
  • nonPSIspecial = What's their special non-PSI ability? Some characters don't have any, so if they don't just omit this field entirely.
  • instrument = The instrument heard when the character does a combo.
  • sample = A short sample of the character doing a combo, in .ogg format.