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Help:Custom signatures

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This is an official WikiBound policy.
In a nutshell: Make sure your signiture is readable and use images sparingly. Make sure the signiture identifies who you are

Please follow any guidelines provided on this page.

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Users can customize their signitures in their respective Special:Preferences page by filling in the "signiture" field. Remember to make sure your signature reflects your username, to avoid confusion with other users.

To use a more advanced signature (for instance, including your own Wiki markup and HTML markup), you can choose the "Treat signature as wikitext (without automatic link)" checkbox in your Preferences.

For help on designing a signature, you may wish to read Help:Editing to understand how to create some basic wiki formatting.

Customizing your signiture

Let's say a user named User:Example wants to use a custom signature, just use the example below:

Wikimarkup Resulting code Resulting display
~~~~ [[User:Example|<span style="color: gold;">'''Custom Example'''</span>]] [[User talk:Example|''<span style="color: blue;">talk</span>'']] 17:17, August 8 2022 (UTC) Custom Example talk 17:17, August 8 2022 (UTC)


You can add in image into your signiture to use it as an icon. Simply use the image coding [[File:Example image.jpg]] while substituting "Example image.jpg" for the name of the image you would like to use.

Signiture guidelines

  • Signiture must reflect the user's username in part or whole.

This is basicly common sense: the purpose of your signiture is to identify who you are in a talk page. If people can't identify who you are in a talk page, then your signiture is not doing its job. Simply put, if your username is "Steve" then your signiture being "Awesome-Ness" is not going to work. Unless your actual username is in a foreign language, use foreign letters sparingly as well. Finally avoid changing your signiture too frequently, as this will cause confusion.

  • Signitures must link to the user's user page and/or talk page.

Make sure to include a link to your user page and/or talk page in your signiture, so that other users can find you and contact you easily.

  • Substitute your signiture template if you're using one for your signiture.

Using a signiture template is allowed as long as the template is substuted. By creating a user page template for a signiture, users can put {{subst:User:Example/sig}} into their signiture field, and what is put in the page will be used in the signiture. Do not put the raw template into the signiture, as changeable signitures can cause avoidable server strains should the signiture be changed, especially if vandalized, as every page that contains the signiture template page needs to be updated if it is changed.

  • Images must be static and not too large.

Apply consideration when using an image in your signiture. If an image is too large or a signiture contains too many images, it can disrupt normal text spacings and slow loading times. To avoid this, the images must not be animated and no larger than 50 pixles wide, and 20 pixles high. It is recommended to name your image something like [[File:Example image.jpg|20px]]. Additionally avoid using too many images in your signiture as this can further slow loading times.

  • Do not use colors that are too bright for text.

Colors that are too bright will cause the text to blend in with the white background and become difficult for others to read. Specifically the colors cyan, yellow, and (obviously) white should be avoided.

  • No line breaks.

Using <br>tags or line breaks within the signiture will cause it to take up multiple lines of text on a page and so should not be used.

  • The font size of the signiture must be no larger than the normal text.

Do not use <big> or <font size=#> tags to increase the text size of the signature, as this can disrupt line spacing as well as be distracting for readers.

  • Do not include external links in signitures.

Do not link your signiture to external websites as this will be viewed as linkspamming or a form of advertising. If the link uses [single brackets] or no brackets at all, it's an external link, so do not use them.