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FoggyLand is the centermost region of the world of EarthBound.

FoggyLand (Japanese: フォギーランド FoggyLand) is a region in EarthBound. It is located north of Eagleland and Chommo. The weather in FoggyLand varies depending on location. In northern FoggyLand, it is very cold where snow falls. Southern FoggyLand, however, is warm and has a very popular beach.

Points of Interest

FoggyLand has many popular points of interest. In the small country of Winters, there is a large boarding school by the name of Snow Wood Boarding House. South of the school is a large lake where the sea monster, Tessie lives under the water. Across the lake is the Brick Road dungeon, and not far after is Rainy Circle. On the other side of Rainy Circle is Stonehenge and Stonehenge base, as well as Dr. Andonuts's lab where he works on many inventions. To the south of Winters is the beautiful city of Summers and right next to it, the port town of Toto. Across the sea is the region of Chommo.


  • FoggyLand is based off of the continent of Europe. Winters has been confirmed to be based on England by Shigesato Itoi, and Summers, by in-game dialogue, can be obviously seen based off of France.

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