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Baseball bat

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baseball bat
Artwork of the Hank's bat from Encyclopedia Mother, one of the many baseball bats that appear throughout the series.
Type Weapon
Appears in EarthBound Beginnings
Mother 3

Baseball bats are used as weapons in all of the EarthBound games, primarily in the first and second games. They are mainly used by Ninten and Ness, and occasionally Lucas. Their main purpose is to increase a character's Offense, although some bats have additional effects.

In EarthBound Beginnings

The baseball bats in EarthBound Beginnings are equippable items that only are usable by Ninten. There is a total of four different bats that can be obtained throughout the game, with varying Offense increasing values.

List of baseball bats in EarthBound Beginnings
Name Japanese Offense Price Notes Where to find

Plastic bat.jpg Plastic bat ボロのバット
Worn-out bat
+3 $80 Its Japanese name matches that of the Cracked bat from EarthBound. The basement in Ninten's house
Podunk Department store
Northwestern portion of Sweet's Little Factory
Second classroom from the right on the second floor of  Twinkle Elementary School
This weapon is OK for Ninten. USE it!.

Wooden bat.jpg Wooden bat ふつうのバット
Ordinary bat
+12 $500 Its Japanese name matches that of the Tee ball bat from EarthBound. Podunk and Merrysville Department stores
Ninten, USE this weapon to fight with weak enemies.

Aluminum bat.jpg Aluminum bat いいバット
Good bat
+30 $1000 Its Japanese name matches that of the Sand lot bat from EarthBound. Merrysville and Reindeer Department stores
With this weapon Ninten can easily fight tougher enemies.

Hank's bat.jpg Hank's bat いいバット
Supreme bat
+48 N/A If Hank's Bat would get confiscated by the police in Ellay, it can be rebought for $1400 from a policeman in the city's police station.

Its Japanese name matches that of the Hall of fame bat from EarthBound.

Mt. Itoi caves
This awesome bat was personally autographed.


Encyclopedia Mother depictions
Artwork of the Plastic bat (Worn-out bat) from Encyclopedia Mother.
Artwork of the Wooden bat (Ordinary bat) from Encyclopedia Mother.
Artwork of the Aluminum bat (Good bat) from Encyclopedia Mother.
Mother 1+2
Plastic Bat.png
Artwork of the Plastic Bat (Worn-Out Bat) from

Mother 1+2

In EarthBound

Similar to EarthBound Beginnings, the baseball bats are Ness's primary offensive weapon, and can only be used by Ness. There are a total of 13 different bats with varying offense increasing values, with a select few also having additional effects.

List of baseball bats in EarthBound
Name Japanese Offense Price Additional effects Where to obtain

Cracked bat.jpg Cracked bat ボロのバット
Worn-out bat
+4 $18 Ness's house (present)

Tee-ball bat.jpg Tee ball bat ふつうのバット
Ordinary bat
+8 $48 Onett

Sand-lot bat.jpg Sand lot bat いいバット
Good bat
+15 $98 Happy Happy Village

Minor league bat.jpg Minor league bat とてもいいバット
Excellent bat
+26 $399 Threed

Mr baseball bat.jpg Mr. Baseball bat ミスターのバット
Mister's bat
+38 $498 Dusty Dunes Desert

T-rex's bat.jpg T-rex's bat ゴヂラのバット
Godzilla bat
+48 $698 Winters

Big league bat.jpg Big league bat ゴージャスなバット
Gorgeous bat
+54 $3080
(in Summers)
(in Scaraba)

Casey bat.jpg Casey bat かたにちからバット
All-your-Might bat
+125 N/A Misses 3/4 of the time Always dropped by Master Barf

Hall of fame bat.jpg Hall of fame bat さいこうのバット
Supreme bat
+62 $1880 Tenda Village*

Ultimate bat.jpg Ultimate bat きゅうきょくバット
Ultimate bat
+68 $2298 Lost Underworld

Magicant bat.jpg Magicant bat マジカントバット
Magicant bat
+80 N/A Magicant (present)

Legendary bat.jpg Legendary bat でんせつのバット
Legendary bat
+110 N/A Cave of the Past (present)

Gutsy bat.jpg Gutsy bat ガッツのバット
Guts bat
+100 N/A +127 Guts Dropped by Bionic Kraken (1/128 chance)


EarthBound Player's Guide depictions
Artwork of the Tee ball bat from EarthBound.

In Mother 3

Unlike the previous two games, Lucas's primary weapon are instead Sticks and there are only two baseball bats that can be found in Mother 3: the fake bat and the real bat, both of which are only usable by Lucas.

List of baseball bats in Mother 3
Name Japanese Offense Price Additional effects Where to find

FakeBat.png Fake Bat ニセバット
Fake Bat
+30 20000 DP Changes Lucas's combo instrument. New Pork City (theater)
A bat that is obviously fake. Offense +30.

RealBat.png Real Bat ホンモノのバット
Real Bat
+100 N/A PP+50 Empire Porky Building (cave)
A bat that brims with mystery and courage. Offense +100.

In the Super Smash Bros. series

Ness's bat

In the Super Smash Bros. series, Ness uses a baseball bat for his forward smash.

Ness uses a baseball bat for his forward smash in all six of the Super Smash Bros. games. His bat is not designed after a particular bat in the EarthBound series, it appears as a wooden baseball bat that has the words "Nett sports" inscribed on it. Throughout the series the tip of his bat is the strongest part, where it deals the most damage and knockback compared to other places, whereas the weakest part is towards the handle. It also has a unique property where it will reflect projectiles with correct timing.

Home-Run Bat

The Home-Run Bat as it appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

While not listed as an EarthBound series item, the Home-Run Bat is often said to have been based off of the bats from the EarthBound series. The Home-Run Bat acts as a normal battering item when used normally, however when using a forward smash while holding it, the player will perform a short wind-up and then swing. Because the wind-up often causes the player to miss an opponent, it is very difficult to hit an opponent this way. However when using the Home-Run Bat this way, it deals massive knockback to an opponent hit with it, making it an almost guaranteed one-hit KO attack. Much like Ness's bat, the tip is the strongest point and the handle is the weakest point.

It is often speculated that the one-hit KO smash attack from the Home-Run Bat is based off of when the characters land a hit, in particular Ninten and Ness as they primarily use baseball bats, as a is much more powerful than a regular hit. In addition, it is also possible that the difficulty in landing the one-hit KO hit with the Home-Run Bat is based off of the Casey bat, as the Casey bat's low accuracy causes the player to miss most of the time, however it also has the highest offense increasing value of all the bats in the game, allowing it to one-hit KO enemies often.


  • The Fake Bat has a separate attack sound effect from Lucas's usual combo sound effects.
Lucas's regular combo sound effect.
Lucas's sound effect when holding the Fake Bat.
  • Hank's Bat is a reference to then home run king Hank Aaron.
  • The Casey Bat's name and it's high miss probability is a reference to the famous American poem Casey at the Bat
  • An infamous mistake in the EarthBound Player's Guide states the Gutsy Bat is obtained from the Krakens in the Sea of Eden.

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