EarthBound: Down Under

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This article is about an expected future release.
Information can rapidly change as time approaches for the release. Please avoid adding rumors and speculation, as this could lead to misinformation and potential false information can be spread. All information added must be verifiable and from official or reliable sources.
EarthBound: Down Under
English logo
System Nintendo Switch
Genre Role-playing game
Rating T (ESRB)
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Toby Fox
HAL Laboratory
Release dates
International April 1st, 2021

Announced in the April 1st Nintendo Direct, EarthBound: Down Under is an upcoming title in the EarthBound series scheduled to release next year. The game is being developed with the help of the creator of the indie game Undertale, Toby Fox, as a crossover between EarthBound and Undertale.


The story takes place after the monsters were freed from the Underground by Frisk. The monsters then explore the world which was revealed to be Eagleland, with Sans going to Onett. It was then revealed that Sans was actually Ness in disguse, who traveled to the Underground through a hole left from the meteorite that landed atop of Mt. Ebott in Onett, in hopes to help Frisk free all of the monsters who were banished to the Underground. However, three months later the Porky Minch stole the seven human souls and used them to revive Giygas, whom Porky uses to attempt to banish everyone in the world, including humans, into the Underground. Ness then teams up with Frisk, who is revealed to be Ninten and Ana's child, and travel between the Underground and outside world to find the souls that were scattered in the form of melodies along with the eighth one to save the world.


The two main protagonists are Ness and Frisk. Later the player will meet two more unrevealed characters who will join the duo to form a party of four akin to the EarthBound games.

Character Name Description
Ness sprite.png Ness
The protagonist of EarthBound, who lives in the town of Onett. Ness uses his psychic abilities to perform PSI Flash and PSI Rockin attacks. In addition to PSI, Ness uses various Baseball bats as weapons.
Frisk sprite.png Frisk
The biological child of Ninten and Ana, Frisk is a child with unspecified gender who previously freed all of the monsters who were banished to the Underground using the human souls. They now joins Ness in order to help him stop Porky and Giygas from banishing everyone into the Underground. Frisk's choice of weapons are currently unknown, it is also unknown whether or not if they are PSI capable.


Porky: The main antagonist of the game. His goal is to take control of Giygas and his destructive powers to banish everyone into the Underground.

Giygas: The secondary antagonist. He has been revived by Porky and is being controled to carry out Porky's wishes.


Much like previous games, the battle system is turn based and enemies appear in the overworld. This game uses the rhythm based combat from Mother 3. An extra command called mercy is added of which instead of beating the enemy the player will spare them. EXP points are determined not only by the strength or rarity of the enemy, but also by how the battle was played. In general, getting perfect combos or taking out enemies faster increases The EXP points earned, while having party members faint decreases the EXP points earned. Using the mercy command will either increase or decrease the amont of EXP earned.

Enemy groups

The enemies are seperated into two different groups: innocent enemies, and evil enemies. Innocent enemies are beings that are not naturally evil, but are being controled by Giygas's influence. Innocent enemies include people and animals that are under Giygas's influence, and will be returned to their senses when spared.

Evil enemies are creatures that are Giygas's minions who were created to do his will. These include beings that were created by Giygas, such as Starmen.


Much like Undertale it has been revealed that there are going to be three different endings depending on how the player deals with the enemies: The normal ending, the bad ending, and the true ending. The normal ending is accessed when most but not all of the enemies in both groups are killed. The bad ending is accessed when all of the innocent enemies are killed, and most of the evil enemies are spared. The true ending is accessed when all of the innocent enemies are spared and most or all of the evil enemies are killed.

Clay models

Ness's upcoming clay model.
Preview of Frisk's upcoming clay model

It was announced that clay models of Ness, Frisk, and several other characters are being made to be released to those who pre-order the game. The pre-ordered version of the game will come in a special packaging that includes 5-inch high figures of characters. Ness's clay model is based on his American clay model that is featured on the back of EarthBound's boxart, and in the Player's Guide. Previously it was a photoshoped images of Ness's original clay model in Mother 2.


  • This game confirms a controversial theory that Sans is actually Ness.