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Dryer Chimera

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ドライヤーキマイラ Dryer Chimera
Dryer Chimera
Dryguy as it appears in Mother 3.
Appears in Mother 3
First chapter Chapter 7

The Dryer Chimera, (also referred to as Dryguy) is one of the few beneficial chimeras in Mother 3, invented by Dr. Andonuts.

In Mother 3

In Chapter 7

The Dryer Chimera is only seen in Chapter 7. In order to remove the pond water on top of Doria's Needle, Lucas is given a choice between the Dryer Chimera, the Bucket Bros., and the Pump Chimera. When instructed, it attempts to dry out the water in the pond covering Doria's Needle. This fails, however, as there is too much water for it to dry out.

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