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Arrow Lizard

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Arrow Lizard
やじるしトカゲ Arrow Lizard
Arrow Lizard
Sprite from Mother 3
Appears in Mother 3
First chapter Chapter 1
Residence Mt. Oriander

Arrow Lizards are characters in Mother 3.

In Mother 3

If the player chooses to talk to them, they will point their nose into the direction the player is supposed to go. According to the Memo, they are a protected species and they have been used by Tazmily Villagers to find their way for ages. According to Alec, the Magypsies can freely communicate with them.

Memo description

"A slightly odd lizard in the shape of an arrow. When you've lost your way, if you visualize your destination, it will somehow point you in the right direction. They have come in handy in Tazmily of generations. They are a protected species, so don't tease them!"

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