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WikiBound:Editor-in-Chief/Election 1

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Please post here if you would like to nominate someone. If you are posted, but wish to remove yourself from the list, please use StrikeThrough, rather than remove your name.

  • Support, voting, etc. will be added later.
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  1. OmegaToad64


Seeing as its been 2 weeks and no one self-nominated, I'll put down who I think would be a candidate based on edits and activity. Tacopill (talk) 15:19, 8 March 2020 (UTC).

Oh boy, I was going to mention this but I forgot about this. I apologize but as much as I'd love to help out, I'm not sure I'm ready for such a big responsibility yet. There are still a lot of things I'm learning about wikis, such as coding and similar things. Plus one of the responsibilities is dispute handling, which to be honest, is something I need to work on a bit more.
Now don't get me wrong I love helping out here and am glad to be an admin, but editor-in-chief is something I'm not ready for, at least not yet. Maybe someday I might be suited for this role but for now I think it's for the better that I simply stick to being a regular admin and work my way up to that level.
I do wish we had more active users then that will also help me get more experience and improve dispute handling and have chances to shoot down vandals with the banhammer. I have had the idea that we should try to affiliate with again, as it might bring in more editors. I know we tried before but it failed. Omegα Toαd 64 20px 00:07, 9 March 2020 (UTC)
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