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"That's not a fight. Over 20 unexpected chatacters in one big brawl? Now THAT'S a fight!"

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Ultimate Toad
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I'm Ultimate Toad, an EarthBound enthusiast and administrator here on WikiBound. I joined in June 2019, and have been on a mission to help revive this site. Before I joined, I noticed a lot of information on here was either missing, poorly written, and outdated (some pages even said SSB4 was "upcoming"), so thanks to my extensive knowledge on the series I've been filling in on the missing information or add interesting uncommon knowledge.

My activity varies due to my very busy schedule. I can't guarantee I'll be online every day to see all that happens, or if I'll be as active as I am in the future. For now though I'm online on a daily basis.

Other NIWA places I'm on are SmashWiki, Super Mario Wiki, Bulbapedia, and Kingdom Hearts wiki with the same or similar username. I'm very active on SmashWiki, though the others I'm not very active.

Gaming related

I was of course introduced to the series thanks to the Super Smash Bros. games, specifically Melee. In fact, aside from Mario characters (sans Dr Mario), I never knew who any of the other characters or universes were in Melee (Not even Pokémon believe it or not). Ness was the most interesting character to me, and despite his underwhelming competitive viability in 64 and Melee, he and Lucas are my favorite fighters. I like all three EarthBound games, and own all of them (except Mother 1+2, but eh, maybe that's for the better), with both EarthBound Beginnings and EarthBound being the ones I like the most.

EarthBound Beginnings is dated, but is still interesting. The grinding and random encounters are bad game design, but I like the freedom you have to explore and do things your own way, its not a linear experience like Mother 3 and you can basically collect the melodies in any order you want. And I guess I do kinda have some bias towards it since it was the first game I played.

I played Mother 3 second. It's a really good game, but don't block me for saying it might actually be my least favorite of the 3. The reason why I don't like it as much as the other two games is the aforementioned linear progression due to the story emphasis, much smaller world, the first three chapters are a total slog (Chapter 3 being the worst offender), the ending is a little too open ended for my tastes, and of course the infamous points of no return. Aside from that, it is a decently written story (though the ending is weird) with well fleshed out characters. The battle system is hands down one of the best improvements they made.

EarthBound is definitely the best one. It improves on what Beginnings did, and it has more freedom and a larger world than Mother 3. The game has a lot of character, detail in areas you normally won't expect to see it in or is even necessary, great sense of humor and fun dialog, the PSI animations are super cool and trippy not to mention seizure inducing. It and Beginnings are among my favorite RPGs and video games of all time. First played it on the SNES mini, which is my favorite way of playing it especially after I disabled the epilepsy filter with modding. This is my #1 all time favorite video game ever.


Because I draw too, and make funny stuff

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