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Thunder Tower

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Thunder Tower
イカヅチタワー Thunder Tower

Thunder Tower.png

Connected areas
Murasaki Forest
This article is about the building. For the chapter of Mother 3 entitled "Tower of Thunder," see Chapter 5.

Thunder Tower is a location in Mother 3. It first appeared in Chapter 4, and played a major role in Chapter 5. It is controlled by the Pigmask Army and is used to punish those who are without Happy Boxes by striking their homes with artificial lightning. It is powered by a giant generator on the top floor.

In Mother 3

Thunder Tower was built sometime during the three year gap between Chapter 3 and 4. It first appeared in Chapter 4 without a name or much background at all. Many citizens of Tazmily had witnessed the strange lightning hit the homes of people without Happy Boxes. Only the Pigmasks knew where this strange, coincidental lightning came from, although they acted as they didn't. Lucas and Boney first see the Thunder Tower up on their trip up to Club Titiboo through binoculars.

Thunder Tower made a major appearance in Chapter 5. Lucas, Kumatora, Duster, and Boney storm Thunder Tower toward the end of the chapter, disguised as Pigmasks and the Masked Man. After successfully making it to the front of His Highness's playroom, they are confronted by the Fierce Pork Trooper. Though they defeat him, he maintains his confidence, having exposed their ruse; this prompts Fassad to come after him, with two Pigmasks in tow.

They escape to the top floor, where the four must fight Mr. Genetor, who was responsible for powering Thunder Tower. After defeating him, they run to the top from Fassad and some Pigmasks. While cornering the heroes, Fassad orders for Thunder Tower to be destroyed. Not so long after, the Mother Porkship comes to rescue Fassad. Coming over to the ladder, Fassad trips over a banana peel and falls off the tower, changing his life forever. Lucas and company then save themselves by grabbing onto the ladder with Duster's friend, Rope Snake. Hanging on for their lives, they see the Masked Man, standing at the opening in the ship. At this point, Rope Snake's jaw reaches its limits and the four fall and get separated.

Shops and businesses

Vending machine

Vending machine (entrance)
  Name Price Effect
  Good Stick 1500 DP Weapon for Lucas
  Rubber Boots 1360 DP Weapon for Duster
  Brown Collar 1600 DP Armor for Boney
  Cup of Pork Noodles 80 DP Restores 80 HP
  Anti-Paralysis 14 DP Heals numbness
  Fresh Mint 16 DP Heals nausea
  Paper Fan 12 DP Heals confusion
  Secret Herb 600 DP Heals all status ailments

Vending machine (playroom)
  Name Price Effect
  Rubber Cape 1200 DP Armor for Lucas, Kumatora, and Duster
  Cup of Pork Noodles 80 DP Restores 80 HP
  Luxury Banana 500 DP Restores 120 HP
  Anti-Paralysis 14 DP Heals numbness
  Paper Fan 12 DP Heals confusion
  Eye Drops 10 DP Heals crying
  Secret Herb 600 DP Heals all status ailments
  Pencil Rocket 500 DP Bomb element damage to all enemies
  Made-You-Look 50 DP Turns an enemy to face the other direction
(comparable to the Siren Beetle)


Sprite Enemy name Notes
  Battery Man None
  Minor Robot None
  Whatever None
  Fierce Pork Trooper Boss
  Screwloose None
  Surprise Box Optional enemy in a present
  Li'l Miss Marshmallow Optional boss, guarding the Friend's Yo-yo
  Short Circuit Zap! None
  Mr. Genetor Boss

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