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Difference between revisions of "Template:Lightcolor"

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m (Protected "Template:Lightcolor": extremely high risk template ([edit=sysop] (indefinite) [move=sysop] (indefinite)))
(More colors added)
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{{#switch: {{{1|None}}}|wikibound|WB|site=ffebaf|locations=cafbee|characters=fed1c6|PSI=dac3ff|mother|M1|EB0=ffe2bd|EB|earthbound|M2=ffedb4|mother3|M3=dde5e9|smashbros|SSB=cff2f6|red=ffa7a1|orange=ffd29a|yellow=fffaa6|green=b3f6bc|blue=b7e5e5|purple=e0c1f5|pink=ffc4d6|ffebaf}}<noinclude>{{doc}}[[Category:Code templates]]</noinclude>
{{#switch: {{{1|None}}}|wikibound|WB|site=ffebaf|locations=cafbee|characters=fed1c6|PSI=dac3ff|mother|M1|EB0=ffe2bd|EB|earthbound|M2=ffedb4|mother3|M3=dde5e9|smashbros|SSB=cff2f6|red=ffa7a1|orange=ffd29a|yellow=fffaa6|green=b3f6bc|blue=00ffff|purple=e0c1f5|pink=ffc4d6|turquise=b7e5e5|black=1f1f1f|white=ffffff|ffebaf}}<noinclude>{{doc}}[[Category:Code templates]]</noinclude>

Revision as of 05:03, 4 December 2019


For easy toggling between color schemes. This template works as the lighter/secondary cell color for templates. Current parameters are:

  • wikibound/WB/site (Leads to the same result)
  • characters
  • locations
  • PSI
  • mother/EB0 (Leads to the same result)
  • earthbound/EB/M2 (Leads to the same result)
  • mother3/M3 (Leads to the same result)
  • smashbros/SSB (Leads to the same result)
  • Basic colors - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink

For more information, please see WikiBound:Color schemes.

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