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Template:Enemy list

{{Enemy list|game=?}}
{{Enemy list/cell|1|2|3}}
{{Enemy list/cell|1|2|3}}

To start the enemy table, first put {{Enemy list}} as a header. Then, for each row of information, use {{Enemy list/cell}}. To make another row, just keep adding more /cells. End the table with |}. The game parameter is for changing the template's color scheme - replace the question mark with the game initials. (M1/EB/M3)

Template:Enemy list/cell's parameters are as follows:

  • 1 - Replace "1" with the enemy's image filename, including the extention (.gif/.png/and so on).
    • FOR MOTHER 1: Use the in-battle sprite, as there's not really anything else to use.
    • FOR EARTHBOUND/MOTHER 3: Use the overworld sprite. All of the EarthBound enemy overworlds should be up in this category, so just find the one that corresponds and use that filename. However, you will probably need to upload Mother 3 ones yourself for now.
  • 2 - Replace "2" with the enemy's name.
  • 3 - Replace "3" with the any miscellaneous notes: if it's in a specific area or at a certain time, a boss fight (signified by the alternate battle start sound effect in EB/M3, and a non-random encounter in M1), or if it's a particularly rare enemy. If there's anything out of the ordinary, list it here! Otherwise, just omit this field entirely.
Sprite Enemy name Notes