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Stoic Club

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Stoic Club
ストイッククラブ Stoic Club

Stoic Club
The Stoic Club as seen in EarthBound.

Connected areas

The Stoic Club is a club in Summers. It requires a telephone call before Ness can enter. To get the phone number, he must talk to a man in Toto who is upset about the Magic cake vendor, his wife, and her obsession with the club. It is a very awkward place where many of its members speak in a much more sophisticated manner and use bigger words. The club itself only serves water, and its members pay a high price for it, as the main feature of the club is for serious, intellectual discussion. The club puts on a "show," which, in actuality is to simply stare at a rock on a stage and philosophize about it.

After the events of the game, it becomes the Lazy Cowpoke Stop'n Go, a truck stop that does not allow minors inside, however, if Ness calls, he can still enter. The now-remodeled Stoic Club is much less serious, and the new owner describes it as having "loud music, great food, and really rowdy crowds..."


  • When speaking to the Hint Shop owner during the Stoic Club portion of the game, he at first mistakes the club as a strip club.
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