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This article is about character attributes. For status problems inflicted in battle, see Status ailments.

A list of common statistics appearing in the Mother series.


Experience (Japanese: けいけんち Experience) determines a character's current level. It can be raised by defeating enemies, or in Mother 3, giving Dung to Wan Sum Dung in the Death Desert. A character's level maxes out at 99. Temporary party members that cannot be controlled by the player are unable to gain experience under normal circumstances. In EarthBound Beginnings, however, a single enemy, Groucho, can allow a Flying Man's experience to increase.[1]


A rolling HP counter from Mother 3.

HP or Hit Points (Japanese: ヒットポイント Hit Point) is a character's health. When HP reaches 0, a character will become unconscious. In EarthBound and Mother 3, it is represented by a rolling counter, and if a character takes enough damage to lower their HP to 0, they will not become unconscious until it reaches zero. If the battle is finished before the counter reaches zero, the character's HP will remain at whatever number it was when the battle was completed.

Additionally, in EarthBound, if HP reaches zero but the current action ends the battle, the HP will increase to 1 if the party member has not been knocked unconscious yet.


PP or Psychic Points (Japanese: サイコポイント Psycho Point) determines a character's ability to use PSI. While in EarthBound and Mother 3 it uses a similar rolling counter to HP, the counter on PP has no effect on gameplay. If a battle is finished while it is still rolling, it continues to count down or up depending on the situation.


Offense (Japanese: オフェンス Offense) determines the amount damage a character will inflict with a physical attack. It can be raised or lowered temporarily by using Offense Up, Strengthen Up, or, occasionally, Salsa's Dance. In EarthBound, offense also determines whether or not the player will win a battle instantly upon contact with a weaker enemy.

Memo description

"A higher offense will increase the amount of damage dealt to the enemy. Offense may be displayed as OFF."


Defense (Japanese: ディフェンス Defense) determines how much damage will be taken when receiving an enemy attack. It can be raised temporarily by using Defense Up, Toughen Up, Defense spray, Defense shower, or, occasionally, Salsa's Dance.

Memo description

"A higher defense will decrease the amount of damage taken from an enemy attack. Defense may be displayed as DEF."


Speed (Japanese: スピード Speed) determines the turn order in battles, as well as the rate of dodging an enemy attack in EarthBound and Mother 3. For EarthBound, the calculation for evasion is ((2 X Target speed - attacker speed)/500). It can be increased temporarily by using QuickUp, or, occasionally, Salsa's Dance. In Mother, Speed can be increased by using a Quick Capsule, while in EarthBound, it can be increased by using either a Speed Capsule or Rock Candy.

Memo description

"As speed increases, the character will be able to act before the enemy does. Speed is displayed as SPD."


IQ raises the amount of PP gained upon leveling up in EarthBound, and the amount of damage a PSI attack will deal in Mother 3. In EarthBound, a large amount of items that can be obtained are broken, rendering them useless. Jeff can repair these objects when resting at a hotel or a similar location, and the types of items he can repair depend on how high this statistic is. IQ can be permanently increased by using an IQ Capsule or Rock Candy.

Memo description

"Intelligence is displayed as IQ. If a character is able to use PSI, a higher IQ will increase its effectiveness."


Vitality (Japanese: バイタリティ Vitality) in EarthBound, or Strength (Japanese: たいりょく Physical fitness) in Mother, raises the amount of HP gained upon leveling up. In Mother, it also decreases the chances of Blindness, Poison, or Paralysis being inflicted upon the character. Strength can be increased by using a Physical Capsule in Mother, while in EarthBound, Vitality can be increased by using either a Vital Capsule or Rock Candy.


Fight (Japanese: ファイト Fight) is only present in Mother. When attacking, it is compared to the target's Fight stat in order to determine both the odds of the attack landing, as well as the likelihood of the attack being a Smash!.png hit. Fight can be permanently increased by using a Fight Capsule. Lloyd can also permanently increase his Fight by using a Magic Candy.

The equation for dodging an attack and performing a smash hit is (26 + ((target's Fight - attacker's Fight))/2)/256.


Wisdom (Japanese: かしこさ Intelligence) is only present in Mother. It raises the chance of inflicting status ailments on an enemy. While IQ is occasionally referred to as Wisdom in later games, the two stats are not the same; in Mother, level-up PP gains are determined by the Force stat, and the power of PSI attacks are not based on any stats. Wisdom can be permanently increased by using a Wisdom Capsule.


Force (Japanese: フォース Force) is only present in Mother. It raises the amount of PP gained upon leveling up. It also decreases the chances of Puzzled, Confusion, or Sleep being inflicted upon the character. Force can be permanently increased by using a Force Capsule. Ana can also permanently increase her Force by using a Magic Ribbon.


Guts (Japanese: ガッツ Guts) is only present in EarthBound. It determines the chance of a character getting a Smash!.png hit, and may occasionally protect characters from sustaining mortal damage in battle by stopping the HP counter at one point. The chance of this happening is Guts/500 or 1/20, whichever is greater. It can be raised temporarily during battle by using a Sudden guts pill, or permanently by using a Guts Capsule or Rock Candy.


Luck (Japanese: ラック Luck) is only present in EarthBound. It raises the accuracy of several items and the chance to avoid certain enemy abilities. Luck can be increased permanently by using a Luck Capsule or Rock Candy.


Boney's Kindness stat increasing.

Kindness (Japanese: やさしさ Kindness[2]) is a hidden statistic only present in Mother 3. While there is no legitimate means to trigger an increase to the stat upon level up, it can be seen increasing if a character levels up past level 99 via cheating. However, it can be legitimately increased during the course of the story; whenever Lucas' party does something that leaves a "warm feeling", the Kindness stat of all party members will increase by one point. While Lifeup factors in the user's Kindness when determining how much HP will be recovered, there are not enough opportunities to raise Kindness during normal gameplay for the effects to be visible.

Memo description

"This is one of the most important things for us humans, so let's be kind to others. If your "Kindness" goes up, something good is bound to happen."


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