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South Cemetery

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South Cemetery
墓場/南の墓場 (South) Cemetery

The South Cemetery as it appears in EarthBound Beginnings.

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South Cemetery (or simply Cemetery) is a location in EarthBound Beginnings, which is located to the south of Podunk, past a set of bridges and a forest. It was founded in 1869. [1] The cemetery is surrounded by a brick wall and can only be entered through an opening in the northern part of it. There is also a church located there, which can be seen directly after Ninten has entered the cemetery. Inside the church is a man present, who claims that he wants to stop the zombies, but that he is too scared to leave the building. Ninten goes to the cemetery in search of Pippi, a girl who has mysteriously disappeared. After traversing the graveyard and going through an underground tunnel, Pippi can be found in one of four caskets (while the other three contain PseudoZombis). Directly after talking to her, an opportunity to get the game's first Franklin Badge arises; as she will ask Ninten two questions, which once correctly answered will result in her giving the badge to him.


  Enemy name Notes
GangZombie.gif Gang Zombie None
Ghost.gif Ghost None
MrBat.gif Mr. Bat None
PseudoZombi.gif PseudoZombi None


South Cemetery as it appears in Encyclopedia Mother


  1. Encyclopedia Mother, p. 40
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