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Scaraba Cultural Museum

Scaraba Cultural Museum
スカラビぶんかはくぶつかん Scarabi Cultural Museum

Scaraba Cultural Museum
The Scaraba Cultural Museum as it appears in EarthBound.

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The Scaraba Cultural Museum is a museum in EarthBound, located in Summers. It plays a somewhat important role in the game's story-line. A hieroglyph is displayed on the second floor, which, during the game, is being remodeled. The security guard will not allow Ness to enter the second floor due to the remodeling, but offers an "under the table deal", offering passage in exchange for the Tiny ruby found in Poo's inventory from the start of the game. Upon approaching the hieroglyphs, a battle with a shattered man will ensue. When the player checks the hieroglyphs, Poo reads them, revealing the secret to the Pyramid's puzzle, foreshadowing the cave of the past, and providing some background on Scaraba. The party is then given a copy of the hieroglyph for their own use. Porky made a similar deal with the guard to take a picture of the hieroglyphs before Ness's party arrived. Other artifacts in the museum include miscellaneous sarcophaguses, but they do not serve any use to the player. The head of this museum has a rivalry with the head of the Fourside Museum, and the two institutions are apparently competitors.


This is the only location where an enemy will appear, and thus a battle will occur, after defeating Giygas. Provided the player did not already do so during the main game, checking the second coffin will result in battling the second Shattered Man. Should the player intentionally lose this battle, the game will encounter a glitch and the player will be able to control the party as ghosts despite having zero HP.

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