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Osohe Castle

Osohe Castle
オソヘじょう Osohe Castle

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Exterior of Osohe Castle.

Connected areas
Sunset Cemetery
Osohe Castle
Ragtime Osohe*
The Room Too Mysterious*

Osohe Castle is an important location in Mother 3. It is located outside of Tazmily Village, and past the graveyard. Osohe Castle was also the main setting for Chapter 2.


Area description

The bazaar selling (from left) Fresh Mints, Rope Snake and Beef Jerky.

It is a very large castle, haunted by various ghosts inside. Many of the rooms are in ruins, such as large gaps in the floor or piles of debris blocking paths. As such, one must use unconventional methods to fully explore the castle.

Osohe Castle is known for the ghosts within, ranging from simple but hostile ghosts to poltergeists, and to friendly ghosts. The friendly ghosts frequently hold dinner parties in the dining room, and treasure Rotten Eclairs. They use rotten eclairs either for trade and barter, or as a food. One of the ghosts owns a bazaar, selling either Fresh Mints, Beef Jerky or a Rope Snake.

There are two enchanted doors inside of the castle, and can only be opened by doing a specific dance. Only a handful of people know and can perform the dance, such as Wess and Kumatora. However, Salsa also learns how to do the dance by closely observing the figures depicted on the nearby wall. These doors lead to secret areas, with one door leading to the basement and another leads to the upper levels of the castle. Inside of the basement, one door eventually leads to the Needle hidden away in the castle. Meanwhile, on the upper levels of the castle, various enchanted brooms lurk about and sweep away anyone in their way, putting them in a trash can on one of the lower levels. On one of the highest floors of the castle is the Egg of Light, which is closely guarded by various traps.


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Osohe Castle has been on the Nowhere Islands for a very long period of time, even before the White Ship had arrived on the islands. The islands had once been ruled by the king of Osohe, although the kingdom seems to have been abandoned for an unknown reason. Kumatora's role in Tazmily Village's story is to be the princess of the castle.

The castle has many important objects inside of it, such as the Egg of Light or the Noble Spittoon. Wess had set up many traps inside of the castle to protect the Egg of Light from being stolen, as it was a very crucial item in keeping the townspeople's old memories from coming back. Either Wess or Duster were to retrieve the egg in case of emergencies, as they were the only ones who knew how to deactivate the traps.

Memo description

"No one knows when this old, mysterious castle was built. Wess is said to have served here many years ago."


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Shops and Businesses

Ghost Bazaar

Price Item
1 Rotton Eclair Fresh Mint
2 Rotton Eclairs Rope Snake*
2 Rotton Eclairs Beef Jerky


First trip in Chapter 2

Sprite Enemy name Notes
  Stinky Ghost None
  Arachnid! None
  Big Bro None
  Barrel Man None
  Ghost Armor None
  Artsy Ghost None
  Violent Roach None
  Strawberry Slime Optional enemy
  Carpet Monster None
  Ghost Sword None
  Ghost Shield None
  Ghost Knight None
  Rockin' Ghost None
  Pseudoor None
  Mr. Passion Boss

New on the second trip in Chapter 2

Sprite Enemy name Notes
  Clayman Boss
  Pigmask None
  Recon Mech None
  Lingering Spirit None
  Osohe Cape None
  Oh-So-Snake Boss

New in Chapter 3

Sprite Enemy name Notes
  Cheery Skeleton None
  Li'l Big Bro None

New in Chapter 5

Sprite Enemy name Notes
  Lord Passion Optional boss; guards the Mystical Shoes

New in Chapter 7

Sprite Enemy name Notes
  Cleocatra None
  Bro Team None

Debug NPC

A character intended for use debugging the game has been discovered in Osohe Castle's script file. A proper method of activating the NPC is not clear; however, a method using the main Debug Room has been discovered. The NPC is intended to be used to teleport to various parts of Chapter 7.[1]

Area Events
Murasaki Forest Chimera Lab

Spec. Room
Ultimate Chimera
Doria's Gate
Pump Chimera
Heart Needle
Doria's Gate 2

Snowcap Mountain Lydia's House

Uninvited Guest
Riding Sled

Saturn Valley Saturn Bean

Saturn Valley
Tunnel Destroyed
Cerulean Beach

Tanetane Island Tanetane Beach

Funky Beach
Missy's House
Island Hill
Octopus Ride
Cerulean Beach

By going to Duster in the Debug Room, going to the right four times, selecting that option and leaving Oshoe Castle, by the grate to the right there'll be Doria, ready to take you to parts of chapter 7 associated with Doria! By going back to the Debug Room, going to Chapter 7, event “Cross Road", going back into the debug room and going to Chapter 2, event “Osohe Castle”, using the walk-through-walls code (0200C492:FFFF), next to the drawbridge, other Magypsies shows up, taking you to other chapters of the game.[2]