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Mother 3
MOTHER3 Mother 3
Mother 3 box.png
Mother 3 boxart
System Game Boy Advance
Genre RPG
Rating CERO: A
Publisher Nintendo
Developer Brownie Brown / HAL Laboratories
Release dates

Mother 3 is a role-playing game developed by Brownie Brown and HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo. Mother 3 was released in Japan on April 20, 2006, for the Game Boy Advance. The game has not been released outside of Japan. It is the third game in the Mother series.


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Mother 3 begins on Mt. Oriander on the Nowhere Islands with twins Lucas and Claus visiting their grandfather, Alec with their mother, Hinawa. Lucas wakes up in bed from Claus calling for him to play with the Dragos. Lucas goes out to play with his brother and the Dragos, when their mother calls them in for omelets. After feeding the boys, Hinawa writes and sends a letter home to her husband, Flint, who had to stay home in Tazmily Village to tend to the sheep.

Chapter 1 - Night of the Funeral

Chapter one begins with mysterious men in Pigmasks setting fire to the Sunshine Forest. Thomas, Tazmily's firefighter, runs to Flint's home to ask for help to save Lighter and Fuel, a father and son who live in the forest. The two run into the burning forest and eventually find an injured Lighter, who instructs Flint to get Fuel out of the burning log cabin. Flint successfully rescues Fuel just in time for the cabin to collapse. The two then return to the village to help Lighter. After talking to Lighter, miraculously, a rain storm occurs and puts out the forest fire.

Later that night, Flint becomes worrisome that his wife and children have not returned after receiving a letter from Hinawa. With his help, the town sets up a search party to find Flint's family. They soon find at a cliff side what appear to be Drago claw marks, and at the top, a piece of cloth the same color as Hinawa's dress. Wess, a senior citizen of Tazmily Village, tells Flint of his son, Duster and his ability to scale walls and cliffs using Wall Staples. Wess sends Boney to find his son. Boney comes back with Duster and Flint, duster and Boney scale the cliff and get the cloth. The three continue on into the cliff. They find two Pigmasks and a strange caribou with robotic parts. They Pigmasks attack them with the Reconstructed Caribou, and after its defeat, they run off. Flint and company chase after them as they escape to the Mother Porkship.

Chapter 2 - Thief's Adventure

Chapter two begins with Duster the thief and Wess, his grandfather, as Wess talks about excessively training Duster, in result of his handicapped leg. He tells him that Duster must go to Osohe Castle, and retrieve a certain special item. Wess tells nothing about the special object other than the fact that it is "very shiny". After, Duster retrieves his Thief equipment and leaves toward Osohe Castle. After Duster gets his equipment, Wess tells Duster that he hid the object away for the safe of it. Then, Duster leaves and runs into Mapson, who manages to spare him a Map. Later, Mapson tells Duster that a secret tunnel into Osohe Castle could be found, and Nippolyte knows something about it. Then, Duster must go to the Graveyard.

Later that one night - Duster conveniently bumps into someone wearing white clothes, has a mustache, and has a monkey. As he apologizes, he then scurries off. After, Duster then comes upon Butch, who tells Duster a secret that he has a bag of money.


Playable characters

Unlike the two games before it, having a set of four playable characters and rarely deviating from it, Mother 3's playable cast changes often before settling on a team of four in Chapter 7.

  • Flint - The main character in Chapter 1. He is Lucas and Claus's father, and Hinawa's husband.
  • Duster - The main character in Chapter 2, and later joins Lucas on his journey. He is an amateur thief and has a variety of special tools to work with.
  • Kumatora - A secondary character in Chapter 2. She is the tomboyish princess of Osohe Castle who has psychic powers, and accompanies Duster and later Lucas on their adventures.
  • Salsa - The main character in Chapter 3. He is a monkey forced to do Fassad's bidding, due to Salsa's girlfriend being held hostage by the Pigmask Army.
  • Lucas - The main character in Chapter 4 and so on. He is a timid boy who recently realized his abilities to use PSI.
  • Boney - A loyal dog owned by Flint and his family, he travels with Flint and Lucas on their respective adventures.
  • Claus - Lucas's brother who disappears after Chapter 1. He is only playable in the prologue.


Fan Translation

Main article: Mother 3 fan translation

A team from the fansite created a fan translation of Mother 3 in 2008. It can be found at


  • Mother 3 was originaly going to be released on the Nintendo 64DD add-on under the name EarthBound 64. However, the add-on flopped, and although some games originally planned for the N64DD were continued on the original N64, EarthBound 64 was scrapped and moved to the GBA.
  • Near the end of the game, there is a room that shows off various objects from EarthBound. It also plays the song Pollyanna, from Mother.

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