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Mother 3 is a role-playing game developed by Brownie Brown and HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo. Mother 3 was released in Japan on April 20, 2006, for the Game Boy Advance. The game has not been released outside of Japan. It is the third game in the Mother series.


Playable characters

Unlike the two games before it, having a set of four playable characters and rarely deviating from it, Mother 3's playable cast changes often before settling on a team of four in Chapter 7.

  • Flint - The main character in Chapter 1. He is Lucas and Claus's father, and Hinawa's husband.
  • Duster - The main character in Chapter 2, and later joins Lucas on his journey. He is an amateur thief and has a variety of special tools to work with.
  • Kumatora - A secondary character in Chapter 2. She is the tomboyish princess of Osohe Castle who has psychic powers, and accompanies Duster and later Lucas on their adventures.
  • Salsa - The main character in Chapter 3. He is a monkey forced to do Fassad's bidding, due to Salsa's girlfriend being held hostage by the Pig Army.
  • Lucas - The main character from Chapter 4 and on. He is a timid boy who recently realized his abilities to use PSI.
  • Boney - A loyal dog owned by Flint and his family, he travels with Flint and Lucas on their respective adventures.



  • Mother 3 was originaly going to be released on the Nintendo 64DD add-on under the name Earthbound 64. However, the add-on flopped, and although some games originally planned for the N64DD were continued on the original N64, Earthbound 64 was scrapped and moved to the GBA.[citation needed]
  • Near the end of the game, there is a room that shows off various objects from EarthBound. It also plays the song Pollyanna, from Mother.
  • Infamous YouTube user chuggaaconroy did a "Let's Play" of the English fan translation as the fifth game in his "Let's Play" series.

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