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リディア Lydia
Lydia's sprite in Mother 3
Appears in Mother 3
First chapter Chapter 1
Residence Snowcap Mountain

Lydia is one of the seven Magypsies in Mother 3. She is typically the third to have her Needle pulled, and first appears in Chapter 1. She is named after the Lydian mode of music.


Lydia is very sweet and kind, and often helps out others in need. She takes care of various rabbits living on Snowcap Mountain, and took a lost and injured Pigmask into her care. Before her Needle is pulled, she shows a main concern for her rabbits, and wonders who will take care of them when she disappears.


She guards the Needle on Snowcap Mountain's summit closely, with the Needle surrounded by steep cliffs. Because of her remote location, she does not socialize very much outside of the monthly Magypsy parties at Aeolia's house.

Lydia is first briefly seen at the Magypsy party in Chapter 1 by Flint; however, she does not converse very much with him. She is later met by Lucas in Chapter 7, who has come to pull her Needle. At this time, Lydia was preoccupied with nursing an injured Pigmask Captain back to health, and had taken him into her house. However, right before Lucas could go outside and pull the Needle, the Masked Man beats him to it, and then leaves a Steel Mechorilla to attack the party.

Before Lydia fully disappears, she tells Lucas of the "white box" on top of the mountain, which he can ride down to easily leave the area. After Lydia disappears, she leaves behind her memento, and the Pigmask inside the house decides to reside on top of the mountain and take care of Lydia's pet rabbits for her.

Magypsies in Mother 3
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