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Ness and friends in front of the Twoson hotel

Hotels are services in Mother and EarthBound. They can usually be known as buildings with HOTEL written on the front. Travelers can stay at hotels for short periods of time, but must pay to stay for that time period. They recover HP and PP fully, although they do not recover status ailments. Hotels were replaced in Mother 3 by hot springs, which also recover status problems. One hotel in Threed traps Ness and Paula, leading to them contacting Jeff. If Jeff rests at a hotel with a broken item, he may be able to repair it there overnight.


In the series, hotels are usually two story buildings. There tends to be a phone on the first floor, next to the check-in desk. ATMs can also be found in hotels.

List of hotels


Area Price per person
Podunk $39
Magicant Free
Merrysville $65
Snowman $125
Spookane $6 (one-time visit)
Reindeer $65
Youngtown Free
Ellay $165


Area Name Price per person
Onett Hotel Onett $35
Twoson Twoson Hotel $50
Happy Happy Village Meager Livin' Farm $50 (Free after defeating Mr. Carpainter)
Threed Threed Sunset Hotel $60
Saturn Valley None Free
Dusty Dunes Desert None $70
Fourside Monotoli Grand Hotel $70
Summers L'hotel du Summer $150
Scaraba Great Southern International Resort Hotel $100
Tenda Village None Free
Lost Underworld None $100
Magicant None Free

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