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ヒナワ Hinawa
Hinawa as she appears in Mother 3
Gender Female
Appears in Mother 3
First chapter Chapter 1
Residence Tazmily Village
Relatives Flint (husband)
Lucas (son)
Claus (son)
Alec (father)

Hinawa is Flint's wife, and the mother of Lucas and Claus. She is a sweet young woman living in Tazmily Village, and first appeared in the prologue of Mother 3.

In Mother 3

Hinawa is a very loving and motherly person, close to many of the villagers of Tazmily. She enjoys cooking homemade foods and loves flowers, especially sunflowers and Tazmily gerberas.

In Chapter 1, she gets lost with her children in the mountains on the way back from their vacation. Wandering around in the fire and later the rain, Hinawa ends up getting attacked by a reconstructed Drago, and is killed by it. The townspeople hold a funeral for her, and bury her next to a patch of sunflowers. Flint becomes obsessed with his wife's death, and frequently visits her grave, often placing flowers there.

Hinawa's death has caused much shock and sadness to the village. Claus goes as far as to avenge her, and runs away to with one of his father's knives to fight the Drago. Lucas becomes even more shut in than usual, staying inside the house for days on end and rarely talking to anyone. Many of the other townspeople were close to her, as well.

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