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Death Desert

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Death Desert
デスさばく Death Desert

Death Desert M3i.png
Salsa and Samba at the desert's oasis.

Connected areas
Candrum Underpass
Monkey's Love Song

Death Desert is a region in Mother 3, accessible only in Chapter 3. Wan Sum Dung is located here, as well as the entrance to the Candrum Underpass.

In Mother 3

In Chapter 3

The chapter begins with Fassad kicking Salsa out of the Mother Porkship. Salsa is forced to follow his commands and do tricks to add to their guise as a performance duo in return for his girlfriend, Samba's safety. Using the Punishizer to reinforce his dominance over Salsa, Fassad escorts him through the desert. At the ends of the desert, the two find the entrance to the Candrum Underpass, guarded by the Cactus Wolf. After defeating the Cactus Wolf, the two enter the Candrum Underpass, rendering the desert inaccessable for the remainder of the game.


M3 Almost Mecha-Lion sprite.png
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Sprite Enemy name Notes
DungBeetleOverworld.png Dung Beetle None
SandLizardOverworld.png Sand Lizard None
Sara-Sara-SaharaOverworld.png Sara-Sara-Sahara None
GreatAntlionOverworld.png Great Antlion None
CactusWolfOverworld.png Cactus Wolf Mini-boss

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