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16 January 2023

  • curprev 00:5700:57, 16 January 2023Ultimate Toad talk contribs 1,144 bytes +1,144 Created page with "{{Item infobox |color=battle item |enname=Counter-PSI Unit |jpkana={{tt|アンチPSIマシン|Anchi PSI Mashin}} |jptrans=Anti-PSI Machine |image=Counter PSI unit.jpg |size=100px |caption=Artwork of the Counter-PSI Unit from the ''Mother 2'' strategy guide |type=Battle item |games=''EarthBound'' }} The '''Counter-PSI Unit''' is a reusable battle item in ''EarthBound'', it is repaired from the Broken machine. It can only be used by Jeff. ==Usage== When..."