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Apple of Enlightenment

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Warning! Spoiler warning: this article or section may contain major plot or ending details! Proceed with caution. Warning!

The Apple of Enlightenment (Japanese: ちえのリンゴ Apple of Wisdom) is a machine[1] mentioned in EarthBound, used by Giygas to predict the future. It tells of a prophecy that a boy, Ness, will prevent Giygas's plans from taking place. The prophecy is first introduced by Buzz Buzz, who explains it to Ness and mentions that the it had been handed down by the Apple as a legend since ancient times. It is speculated that the Apple Kid has ties to the Apple of Enlightenment, due to their names and the Apple kid being kidnapped by the Starmen.

Starman Deluxe indicates Giygas did not believe in the prophecy. This explains why Giygas did not immediately target Ness, Jeff or Poo. Paula was likely targeted due to her public use of PSI, not necessarily because of the prophecy.


The excerpt provided by Buzz Buzz is as follows:

"When the chosen boy reaches the point, he will find the light. The passing of time will shatter the nightmare rock and will reveal the path of light."

"The point" refers to the 8 Sanctuary Locations and "the light" likely refers to the 8 Melodies. The nightmare rock may refer to Ness's Nightmare or the Mani-Mani Statue. Most likley it refers to the former, as once Ness's Nightmare is defeated in battle, Ness is told to go to Saturn Valley where he travels back in time to defeat Giygas. Due to Buzz Buzz's untimely death, the full, specific contents of the prophecy are never revealed. The prophecy also mentions Paula, Jeff, and Poo, but only in ambiguous terms. Pokey mentions that the Apple's prophesy didn't predict his involvement. This is possibly because Pokey was not originally involved until Buzz Buzz unintentionally informed him of Giygas's invasion.


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