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The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Japanese: Super Famicom), often abbreviated as the SNES, is Nintendo's third home console. It is a fourth generation console and is the successor to the Nintendo Entertainment System. The Mother series saw its only international release on this system, with the game name being changed to have some relation to the Japanese one, but not a lot. Very few Nintendo series had their debut on it, with the few including the Puzzle League series. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was followed by the Nintendo 64.


The Super Nintendo Entertainment System allowed two player games. It could display 16-bit graphics, which were better than the 8-bit graphics of its predecessor. It supported two-player games, which was used in EarthBound only in battles.

EarthBound/Mother games for the SNES


  • Ness's name is an anagram of SNES, similar to his predecessor's name, which was a shortening of Nintendo, and it also a nod to the NES.


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